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Lupus Will Be What You Make It

If I could give one piece of advice to someone with a new diagnosis, it would be this: Lupus can be anything, but ultimately, it will be what you make it! Except for anxiety and depression, lupus is largely a physical illness. It causes a long list of symptoms,…

No Two Chronic Illness Journeys Are the Same

One thing I’ve noticed in the three years since my diagnosis is that people who don’t have ongoing health issues tend to pigeonhole those of us with chronic illnesses. But just as people’s experiences, tastes, and passions in life differ, so too do their illnesses, symptoms, medications, and side effects.

I Am Who I Want to Be Because of Lupus

I remember myself as more cohesive before diagnosis. It was easy to connect the dots when it came to my personality. While unbearable stubbornness has been a fundamental part of me since I was born, there weren’t nearly as many polar opposite sides of me as there are now.

Because of Lupus, I Am Powerful

Before my lupus diagnosis, I don’t think I knew what it felt like to be powerful. I also never knew what it felt like to feel almost powerless. And that’s the funny thing about my life: To know how it feels to experience one extreme, I need to have…

Without A Safety Net, I Have Nothing to Lose by Trying

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? I love this question because when I ask it, the face of my conversational partner lights up with excitement and confidence. And why wouldn’t it? I’ve given them the ultimate scenario, the prospect of theoretically being able to do anything.

A Life with Illness Is Worth Fighting For

You’d be surprised how many times I tell the story of my tumultuous diagnosis, only to have someone ask, “Then what happened?” It’s like they think I went to bed and accepted lupus as a death sentence. Don’t misunderstand me: Lupus is a killer. If left undiagnosed, it can be…

Life with Lupus Requires Resilience

If asked about the one thing that’s necessary when living with lupus, I’d answer “resilience” without skipping a beat. Strength, good doctors, a brave face, and a solid support system would be in the running for second. But in a life with chronic illness, resilience makes or breaks you.

Why I Can Only Discuss Hardship After the Fact

When I’m in the depths of struggle, only the people closest to me know about it. I need to go through the hardship and come out on the other side before I’m comfortable writing about it or sharing it on social media. I need to prove to myself I can…