Lupus and the Law of Attraction

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Nobody asks to be sick, and no one asks for constant pain. Living with chronic pain is not a life anyone would set out to have for themselves. As we go through our lives, we ask for more money, a better job, good things for our families, but not a chronic illness. I wrote a column a while back expressing that lupus is not the fault of those of us who suffer from it.

Recently, I have found something else comical in the pursuit of trying to explain what is happening to us. It seems being ill is a serious threat to the healthy, and apparently there is an entire list of things that us sick folks have done to bring this on ourselves. The law of attraction is the latest thing I have heard used.

When I heard this, all I could do was shake my head, laugh and think “How absurd!” Some people believe the law of attraction happens by focusing on a thought or an intention, and then that intention happens. For example, if you ever thought “I hope I’m not getting sick,” then apparently, you brought this on yourself . If that was how the law of attraction worked, woe for the world for some of the things we offer as passing thoughts.

As an affirmation junkie (which usually follows the ideas of the law of attraction), I felt that I needed to equip my fellow warriors who may not follow this way of thinking, but may doubt themselves. Lupus warriors shouldn’t feel it is their fault if someone presents this logic on how the law of attraction ACTUALLY works.

There must be intention. It’s not a one-time thought that says “I am sick.” It’s a concentrated effort on that thing that you want to come to fruition. It is something you ask for, then each day you declare that you have it, you are grateful for it and you move through your life as if it has already happened. There is real energy and effort put toward it.

I know everyone wishes they had an explanation for everything that happens in life — the good, the bad and the ugly. However, life is just that; it’s life. It has no favorites. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. We may never understand it, but one thing I have come to realize is that if we sit around trying to figure out who is to blame, or stay in a state of “Why did this happen?” you will miss out on living the life you have left.

So, for the sake of argument, let’s just say that you accept that the law of attraction is why you have lupus. Does it change the fact that you have lupus? Let’s just say you didn’t eat right. Does it change the fact that you have lupus? It does not.

We are warriors, we have our battle gear on and no matter what, we are in this fight. That is all that is true going forward; leave the blame game behind. Hunting for an explanation, unless its going to lead to a cure, is wasted energy that you could use to spend time with your loved ones. Focus on low- or no-pain days, visualize high energy days and spend time with people who matter.

Then go about your day as best you can, believing that in spite of what is actually happening, these are things you deserve and have. That is the law of attraction, and if you do this all the time, one day you may wake up and it will be so.


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