6 Lesser Known Lupus Symptoms

6 lesser known symptoms lupus
6 lesser known symptoms lupus

While every case of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is different, there are a few common symptoms most lupus patients share. Some are joint pain, butterfly rash on the face, fever, fatigue, and sensitivity to the sun.

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But because SLE is such a complex very individualized disease, some symptoms are little known and less common. Here’s a list of six of them from NewLifeOutlook.
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While it is well-known that lupus patients have higher rates of depression and anxiety it is not known if some cases are more situational than bioligical. However, lupus psychosis can occur during the disease onset, during the first years of the disease, or during a flare. Treatment with steroids helps. The psychosis is usually short-lived.

Read more about how SLE patients with history of psychosis may be at risk of seizures.

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