Start Your Own Private Journal – It’s Therapeutic

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I have always kept a journal, and it’s helped get me through some pretty tough times. I would look at a situation and think, “This is the worst thing in my life, I’m never going to get past this.” And then, I’d get past it. As I got older, I realized the value of keeping a journal. I would look back at those times and see that not only did I make it through, but I did so with flying colors.

There is no cure for lupus, but remission is possible. I pray for this, and on the days that I have great energy, and very little pain, I feel super excited. I think, “I’m making it through.” I write down those thoughts to be sure that on the really crap days, I can grab a little hope.

I’m also a bit of a social media junkie. I write for Lupus News Today because it helps me to tell my story. I pray that my sharing is helping not just me, but someone else. Writing has always been an outlet that has helped me to celebrate the wins. Writing has also shown that even the downs eventually become the ups. Nothing stays bad forever.

Blogging, keeping a journal, or writing a column establishes a point of reference that can be encouraging.

Have you considered a blog? Do you keep a private journal? These outlets are so therapeutic. Writing can help evoke tears that are cleansing. Allow you to pound out your  anger on a keyboard. Be honest about things that you would never tell a soul — which is both cleansing and liberating.

Want a private, password-protected journal that no one else can gain access to, unless you give it to them?

  1. Visit and sign up to create your blog.
  2. Enter your email information. If you have a Google account, it will ask for this. I recommend you create a new email address that is known only to you.
  3. Give your blog a title (one that doesn’t matter to anyone but you; this is for your eyes only).
  4. As a free blog spot, the platform will give you a special, but rather long, name. Again, you don’t really care about this because you will not be sharing. It will also give your blog a web name for sharing, but we will not make this visible on the internet.
  5. Pick a theme, then click “create new blog.” I actually enjoy this process because it makes the journal look more welcoming, but I stress, this is for your eyes only.
  6. Next, you’ll be taken to a page where you can start typing your little heart out.  DON’T DO IT! You don’t want to start typing at this point, because your new blog is visible to the world.
  7. On the left side of the page is a menu, click on settings.
  8. Then look for the privacy tab, and click edit. There will be  a few questions about listing the blog on the platform’s page promotion pages and being visible to search engines. Answer “no” to both of these.
  9. Scroll further down, locate the section that says blog readers. Here, select private — only blog authors. Then press save.

Now you’re all set to write. The reason I suggest an email address that no one knows is because many of us have loved ones who can figure out our passwords. They know us that well. If you create an entirely new identity that only you know about, it makes it much easier to really be honest with your feelings. Just remember to always log out once you’re done.

I’ve had a blog since 2008. Sometimes we think ugly things about our families (let’s just be honest), or  things we would never say out loud. I distinctly recall getting in trouble as a kid and muttering as my Mom walked out of the room: “I wish she would get run over by a truck.” My little sister was all too happy to go out and share my whispered words with my Mom. That taught me that some things can be expressed, even if we don’t mean them, but it needs to happen in private. A private blog or journal provides a safe place to express thoughts, feelings and desires that you don’t feel can be shared, but still require an outlet. And because it is password protected, there is an extra level of protection for you to fully express yourself.

Writing can truly be therapy, if you use it the right way. I hope this helps you. It’s surely helped me along the way.

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