Lupus Walk 2016 in San Fran: But What is Lupus?

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by Wendy Henderson |

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Iris Chan shared this video on her YouTube channel to answer loads of questions that she is asked almost everyday about lupus, an incredibly unpredictable chronic autoimmune disease. Lupus can affect anyone, but younger women of color are more prone to the condition.

Lupus is often called the ‘Silent Disease’, read this article to find out why.

With myriad symptoms that include chronic fatigue, joint pains, headaches, fevers, rashes, and sensitivity to sunshine, Iris often finds herself explaining why she can’t participate in certain activities or go outside during sunny days. Eager to raise awareness for the disease, Iris tells us all about the upcoming Lupus Walk 2016, Oct. 23,  in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Park Music Concourse. She urges everyone to join her.

Lupus can suddenly change your whole life, as Amira found out.  Read more about it here. 

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