Yoga for Lupus: How Exercise Can Help

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Lupus is a serious, chronic autoimmune disease that debilitates your body. Fatigue, fever, skin rashes, and joint pains are just a few in a wide range of common symptoms. After being diagnosed and while learning to deal with all the symptoms and lupus flares, sometimes it’s hard to maintain a regular and normal routine.

Here are 10 facts about lupus you should know about.

Patients feel extremely tired most of the time, which makes them want to stay indoors and rest. Exercise is something that they probably don’t even want to think about because they already feel exhausted. But exercising is extremely important, even in moderation. Because lupus can affect any organ of your body, keeping your muscles strong and on the move is highly recommended.

In this video shared by LivingYourYogaTV in 2013, listen as Dr. Melissa West talks about yoga, lupus, and how this type of exercise can help patients.

Read more about how muscle strength in lupus patients gained through exercise can avoid disability.

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