Whoopi Goldberg KNOWS Lupus. Do You?

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The range of lupus symptoms is widespread which makes it a difficult disease to diagnose, taking an average of seven years for patients to get an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is still a lot that we don’t know about this disease which makes raising awareness of it an ongoing importance.

Do you know what the symptoms of lupus are?

The Lupus Foundation of America shared this video featuring Whoopi Goldberg, a very well-known face who gave her voice to a very good cause: raising awareness for lupus. #KnowLupus is a campaign that aims to spread the word about this disease worldwide.

Even though it’s a fairly common disease, many people still don’t know about it, what its symptoms are and how to treat it. So, what’s a better way to spread the word about lupus than with the help of celebrities?

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