What’s Triggering Your Lupus Flares?

Lupus is a serious, chronic autoimmune disease that can affect anyone, though women are more at risk than men. The disease is no walk in the park and living with it can be very difficult. Lupus can affect any organ and part of your body. Because it comes with a wide range of symptoms, diagnosis can be very difficult.

Here’s a list of 13 symptoms you should be aware of.

There are several causes and triggers of lupus flares. In this video shared by Yvette Laboy, the wellness health coach and lupus patient talks about how sugar could trigger your lupus flares. Laboy also shares some tips to help you control flares and what you can eat as a substitute for sugar.

Read more about how infections can trigger lupus flares.

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  1. Suzanne Zeleznik says:

    Sugar can trigger a Lupus flare?? How? When I tap the site, I get nothing; no info.

    I’d like more info on “mini-strokes” and not so mini
    A stroke! &Lupus Fog. I knew I was having a stroke in 2015–not so mini! But the MRI showed I had been having mini-strokes for several years before. I had been forgetting things!

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