“Flare: Living With Lupus” – A Real Patient’s Life Story with Lupus

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Lupus is no walk in the park. The chronic, autoimmune disease can affect anyone, even though women are more at risk than men. This serious condition can affect any organ and part of your body, and can have a large range of symptoms which makes its diagnosis very difficult sometimes.

Wondering what the symptoms of lupus are? Here’s a list of 13 symptoms you should be aware of.

If you live with lupus, you know how difficult life can be. From the symptoms, to the flares, to the treatments, life can be pretty daunting. Like you, there are many other people living the same way, going through the same challenges. That’s Ida’s case. Ida is a Dutch woman who has been living with lupus for some years now. In this video, shared by Wicked Stylish in 2012, you can learn more about her story in a short documentary about her life, called “Flare: Living with Lupus”.

Find out more about lupus flares and what your body’s immune responses during those flares are.


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