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Toni Braxton Lupus quotes

Quote about Lupus by Toni Braxton

Anyone living with lupus knows that it is a challenging disease. Lupus decides your daily schedule. Life often takes a backseat to the disease – even for celebrities with lupus. But when the curtain goes up, and its time for the star to shine, pain and discomfort are masked by their talent.

Toni Braxton was diagnosed with lupus in 2008. Her quote about lupus says it all.


Toni Braxton Lupus quote


Lupus is an autoimmune inflammatory disease affecting multiple organs. Everyone experiences lupus differently. Some of the most common symptoms of lupus include fatigue, rash, joint and muscle pain, kidney disorder, and neurological disorder.

After a collapse in Las Vegas, doctors discovered Braxton had lupus via a blood test for the disease. At first, she thought she was having a heart attack. “Twenty-three percent of my microvalves and the small blood vessels in my heart were receiving no oxygen, said said in an article published on the website Black Doctor.

“Some days I can’t balance it all. I just have to lay in bed,” she said in an article from the Huffington Post. “Pretty much when you have lupus you feel like you have the flu every day. But some days you get through it. But for me, if I’m not feeling well, I tend to tell my kids, ‘Oh mommy’s just going to relax in bed today. I kind of take it easy.”

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Toni Braxton Lupus Quote