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I found out the name of the thing that was torturing me in February 2016. I was told I was suffering from lupus. At that time, I decided that I had received a death sentence. It was torturing me in so many ways. I shared with my mom that I just didn’t know how to process what was happening. And when I was told I could no longer work, my thought was: What do I do now?

At 46, I hadn’t a clue what I should do. My kids had finally left home, the career I’d worked in for almost 20 years was over, and I had no real idea of what was next for me. I asked God the purpose of this disease. Many people ask why ― I never did ― I just wanted to know my purpose.

I lived in a new place, a city where I had no real connections, and lupus can be quite lonely. There are times when you can hardly move, let alone get out to socialize. I started sharing my story on social media. Initially, I planned on keeping my diagnosis to myself. After some serious thought, I used social media as a way to connect with others outside my door.

For years, I have managed to find the silver lining in pretty much every obstacle I’ve come across. Honestly, finding a silver lining in lupus has been a task. Since I’ve decided to be a joy junkie, I never thought about it really helping others. I have been sharing happiness pretty much all my life. Only recently did I realize my voice impacts not just my loved ones, but also perfect strangers, too.

Inside, I once felt that I had no purpose and no hope, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Now that I’m no longer a mother of small children, no longer gainfully employed, my thoughts have been: What am I to do?

I now accept that I am to use my voice to provide encouragement, not just for me, but also for whoever will listen. Some days, I definitely need to feel encouraged. I have moments of sadness, hopeless feelings, and I wonder why I am still here when all the things we are traditionally accustomed to are no longer a part of my life. I have come to learn that being far from my loved ones, no longer having a traditional job, and feeling like I am no longer needed is a part of my journey. It is what allows me to speak to others who are feeling what I am feeling and we all learn together that we can, and must, carry on.

I know people look at me always smiling, and they think it’s natural. But it’s a fight, a choice I make daily. I pray that I am making a difference and that I am helping not just myself, but others as well. Today, I struggle with finding my joy, but I firmly believe I have indeed found my voice.


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