Warm Heart, Cold Feet Kind of Relationship

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lupus, heartburn and Raynaud's

When I think of cold feet and a warm heart, what comes to mind is a caring relationship that carries a little fear of commitment. If that is what you thought of, too, sorry to take you down a different path. This one is literally one of cold feet and a warm heart. Hello to the confusion of lupus; no fear of commitment here.

Foods that once brought pleasure, depending on your medications, now can cause acid reflux and heartburn — so the warm heart I’m speaking of is not the pleasant kind. Many foods also don’t always seem to taste the same. While I became a vegetarian because I paid attention to how meats were affecting me, I will say the only problem I had with chicken was that it gave me heartburn. Let’s get this on the record now: water gives me heartburn, so that should tell you. Even with being a vegetarian, heartburn is one of my constant companions. Chicken, for me, started tasting like sawdust, so I pass on heartburn caused by sawdust. Once upon a time, I loved spicy food. I live in Thailand, and they invented spicy. I am the person who is now looking for the mildest thing I can put in my mouth with the knowledge that heartburn still will come calling in a few hours.

I believe in trying to use natural remedies for symptoms as often as I can, too. But apple cider vinegar didn’t work, activated charcoal didn’t work, changing my probiotics didn’t work. So I gave in and my doctor prescribed something that works. I am stubborn, so I took what she prescribed for all of two weeks and then thought, OK, I will really pay close attention to what I eat so I don’t get heartburn. This was a joke. I lasted four days before being reminded that even water gives me heartburn.

The cold feet and cold hands come from one of the tag-along symptoms that lupus brings with it, called Raynaud’s disease, Raynaud’s syndrome or Raynaud’s phenomenon. It causes your hands and feet to go cold even in reasonable temperatures. I have a hard time being in the mall even with a sweater on for more than an hour, because it feels as though you have been out making snowballs with no mittens. When I lived in the U.S., I sometimes had to waddle like a duck to my car because my feet were so cold I could barely walk. And I lived in Florida! Even eating cold fruits can cause your hands to turn purple and your fingertips to go numb. If you’re ever in the grocery store and see a woman (since lupus affects us more than the men) wearing gloves while shopping, she is probably suffering from Raynaud’s. I travel with a sweater everywhere because if your body gets cold, your hands and feet decide to sympathize. So I do my best to keep my body as warm as possible. When I travel, I carry not just one — but two — fleece blankets with me, and even if I am meeting friends at a local coffee shop, I pack a blanket just in case.

Lupus is not the relationship I want causing me symptoms of a warm heart and cold feet, but I have embraced the changes in my body because once lupus decides to love you, you can’t send it packing. Like I said, it has no commitment issues. I, on the other hand, am ready to break up.


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