Lupus and Pain Management: Begging for a Painkiller

Lupus and Pain Management: Begging for a Painkiller

My Mountain, My Lupus column

I’ve been wanting to talk about this subject for a while now, but it’s so complex a topic that I didn’t even know where to start. Hell, I hate ’em and love ’em all in the same instance, but they are a necessary evil in my life. You might have seen the news lately regarding opiates and the high amount of overdoses in America. No one really knows how reducing a prescribed painkiller would really affect someone with a chronic illness. I am going to start with a little background info on painkiller(s) so you have more than just a basic knowledge.

Living with Lupus means that, at some point or another, I am going to be taking a painkiller. I currently take Oxycodone and/or morphine, depending on where the pain is and how truly terrible it feels. I try to wait as long as I can until the pain is so unbearable that I am literally sobbing on the bathroom floor. Ultimately, and especially if I am in a flare-up, it’s a matter of when, not if. Down the hatch goes the painkiller, and for a few hours it feels … less.

Oxy doesn’t “feel good” at all,  and in fact it’s kind of a yucky feeling. Like somehow you’re not quite there but you are still totally there. Same with the pain. It’s more like you just don’t care that it hurts, if that makes sense.  I get itchy from it first of all, and it makes my skin super dry. I feel dehydrated and cranky. I tend to try to “do”more and then end up overdoing it, and hurting myself.

Opiates are either found naturally in the poppy plant or produced/manufactured in a lab, predominantly by pharmaceutical companies.

The NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) states:

Medications [Painkillers] that fall within this class include hydrocodone (e.g., Vicodin), oxycodone (e.g., OxyContin, Percocet), morphine (e.g., Kadian, Avinza), codeine, and related drugs. … Opium and Heroin are also opiates, and therefore fall into the category of Opiate use, drug abuse, and overdose statistics.

I have been taking an opiate painkiller off an on, but fairly consistently, for about the last five years now. Trust me when I tell you this life, that I am living now, is not how I pictured my 30s. I mean, there I was, in the “prime” of my life, recently divorced and, though scared, I was innocently hopeful. I had walked away with nothing, heavy from the stench of defeat and loss. My spirit was broken and my body was beginning to show symptoms of what would later be diagnosed as Lupus.

I was lucky to escape with my children and my “mana,” my power, my passion, my fiery warrior spirit.

lupus yoga

What I could not escape was the fact that I had a chronic illness. My life would now include a ridiculous number of medications with a full symphony of side effects.

I try to get through the morning, then I try to get through the afternoon, then I try to go to sleep at night. This is my daily routine of pain management, literally just trying to get by. I mean I meditate, I go for walks, I do Yoga when my body isn’t in a full rebellion.  I try to stretch out my muscles, I take warm baths, I use ice packs for migraines and wraps for joint pain. I put Icy Hot on my left hip and lower back every night and have for over 18 months now. My pain management varies by the hour, and the cost of visits to the doctors for pain management alone can be sky-high.

At one point, I was taking over 28 pills throughout a given day. Many of them painkiller(s).

From antacids to Xanax, Benlysta to chemotherapy, they all wreak massive havoc on one part of your body or another. It truly becomes a battle of whether the positive effects of the drug outweigh the bad. Last week at my regular Dr. visit, he let me know that he would,

“have to lower and change the dosages on your pain meds. Moving forward, … that high of an amount would cause a red-flag on your chart and alert the DEA.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I am glad he’s helping me walk the tight rope of effective pain management and not being red-flagged. But are you freakin kidding me? How the hell did the DEA just get involved in the treatment of MY lupus?


When did the war on drugs become a war on the disabled?

If you’re going to take away my painkillers, then give me a better one that isn’t highly addictive and killing people. But if we are going down this road, then you need to start addressing abuse for what it is — its own disease. Please leave me and my disease alone until you’re ready to actually get serious about pain management. It’s real and we do need better options.

I seriously hesitated to bring this up, 1. because I myself have love/hate relationship with them, but 2. out of fear. Pain management is a bit of a taboo subject and I always worry it makes me sound weak. As if, since I can’t handle it through other remedies, I am not as good of a person. But you know what? I am a good person and no one on this planet has ALL of the answers. We will never find a single answer if we do not start talking about it.

Someone other than myself and my Dr. made a decision to put my body at risk of another flare-up. I can’t even begin to understand why. Is it so that we as a society can pretend that addiction isn’t a mental health issue? Is it that the medical industry has been pushing highly addictive and dangerous medicines on the chronically ill? You know, as much as I want a cure for the future and a better painkiller tomorrow, can we address the real issue of opiates today? It’s time to stop making the disabled feel like we are begging for a painkiller.

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  1. Ann Campbell says:

    Imagine being me. 50 with lupus in a severe flare and RA and no insurance no relief. I bartend and wait tables and it’s excruciating. Be grateful you have help.

    • Bridget Gardiner says:

      So sorry to hear that love and I am definitely grateful for the blessings in my life. Being a single mother with no help what so ever from their father, I do know what its like to feel helpless and alone. Check out my blog on FB “My Mountain My Lupus”. Its a wonderful supportive community with almost 2k in active followers. Everyone there looks after one another and I am always on there if you need someone to talk to. Plus, everyone is always posting tips and tricks that help with the symptoms from lupus as well as just being there if you need a virtual shoulder to cry on. Second Plus, someone on there may be in your area and able to help you find some additional resources that might be able to help you out. Good luck and I hope to hear from you again my love. -bridge

    • Hello everyone I have Rheumatoid arthritis for 22 years and now I have lupus. The doctor want give me any pain medication how I’m I suppose to deal with this pain.Im so tired of hurting.

      • Sonya Bowles says:

        Find a new doctor! I think that doctors forget that they work for us. Not the other way around. You need a good doctor. Who understands chronic pain and cares about their patients.

      • lisa says:

        I totally understand.I still work full time was just taking Tylenol with codiene and just got cutoff with that I was diagnosed 2 years ago with lupus. I work everyday and her so bad come on we need help.

    • Teresa says:

      I have read many of your stories on here and can relate. I too am on several different meds. I have SLE, RA, Sjogrens, SFN, and in my back Scoliosis, DDD, and Arthritis. I’ve lived in severe pain for over 12 years. There’s a difference between drug addicts taking opiates and people living with chronic pain taking them , drug addicts want to take them, chronic pain sufferers have to take them if we want any sort of quality of life. I suffer everyday with pain even with pain meds. I’ve never been out of pain for a minute in those 12 years, not one minute of remission or relief. They don’t realize that some of these overdoses are intentional, they have lowered some peoples meds so low that they can no longer deal with living in so much pain. I think they would deal with a lot more suicides/overdoses if they took away our pain meds altogether than they do now. They need to figure a better way to treat drug addicts and their additions, and they need to realize that those of us with diseases that cause chronic pain will be on opiates for the rest of our lives. The DEA recently made all the drug (opiate) manufacturers reduce their production by 25%, thinking this will make it harder for addicts to get opiates on the street. Unfortunately all it’s really going to do is make it to where the pharmacies run out early and are unable to fill the Rx’s that are desperately needed by those of us taking them legitimately. The ones who are selling their pills to the addicts, are still going to sell them to the addicts. The addicts that can no longer get them will turn to Heroin, ” the addicts opiate.” If there were only a way for those guys to feel the pain we’re in for just 10 to 20 seconds they would understand. Unfortunately they hear more about addicts and overdoses then they hear (or read testimonials) from chronic pain sufferers. If every single one of us would write a letter to the DEA, Congress, and the POTUS, I think their B.S. would stop. Our doctors need to fight for us a lot harder than they do, they too should be writing letters to these people. They need to understand the only way we’ll ever be out of pain is with pain meds, a cure, or death. I guarantee we would all take a cure over opiates any day. If we don’t take our pain meds, we have no life, let alone quality of life. I’ve been without pain meds. I went for a couple of years in pain, refusing to be put on pain meds, put in pain management, what a fool I was! No, they don’t get rid of all of our pain, but they at least make it to where you’re not praying to God 5 times a day to just take you, take your life, let it be over. They make it easier to get out of bed, take care of your kids, family, you don’t have to lay in bed crying all day, suffering, curled up in a ball. So if opiates are the ONLY way people in pain can live, they best not keep taking them from us. They all should be required to read about every single disease that causes pain, severe pain that over the counter pain relievers don’t touch, and be required to read most chat boards with stories, testimonials from the people suffering from these diseases. They also need to read and find out about all cancers, since the majority of cancers DO NOT cause pain, but yet they give cancer patients all the opiates they want or feel they need. I’d take terminal cancer any day over what I have, at least I’d know I wouldn’t have to keep suffering much longer. We ALL have to fight these idiots! And idiots they are and will always be as long as their thinking is where it is today. That’s why a letter from all of us and all of our doctor’s just may be the “Cure” we need for the ridiculousness of their behavior towards opioids and their legitimate users.

      • MaryS says:

        I agree with you 100 percent. I have lived with chronic pain for 20 years and after 11 surgeries and seeing so many doctors not one diagnosed me correctly, I have lived on a dose that helped me somewhat, then they lowered so low that I cannot even get up off a chair. How dare the state and the CDC get involved. It should be your doctors decision not the state or CDC. They act so proud that they have left people suffering. The first person to blame are the doctors who wrote pain scipt for anyone who walked in their door just for more money. They are to blame as are the dealers and addicts. I hate taking pain meds I felt like a piece of trash everytime I had to take a pill. But, what are you supposed to do you cannot not live n a world of pain twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Trust me there will be another drug dealers will find to sell and addicts will take to get high. Pretty soon they will be monitoring my blood pressure meds. Many times I wish God will end it for me and release me from this prison of pain. I have lived in this prison for over 20 years.I have no quality of life, I never broke the law but I live in a prison of pain everyday, only it is a life sentence I don’t get released when I pay my dues it is a life sentence. You see commercials everyday after people overdosing on pain meds but that was their choice. It is my body and I just want 1 day a week pain free, I am 62 years old I know my life has been shortened because of doctors, dealers and addicts. Were are the commercials for people with chronic pain who need pain meds. Believe me there will be another drug the dealers will sell on the streets, so who suffers people in chronic pain do. What do we do to get them to understand. I don’t think it will happen in my life. I hope they come up with something that we can take to release us from our prison sentence.
        We don’t get early released or paroled believe me it is a life sentence.

  2. Pamela Taylor says:

    Bravo! Sad day when the DEA becomes your Dr. We have a major crisis happening in pain management. The government’s next move will be to pull all of the opiates soon. Yet my Medical MJ isn’t free from my insurance company like my opiates are. We have a major problem here.

    • Tammy Adams Short says:

      Which MJ do you use for your Lupus pain and symptoms. I am willing to try as I also am afraid of losing pain medication when I need it.

      • Teresa says:

        If the DEA, doctors, or any doubters could seriously think of a time in their live with severe pain and imagine living with that pain every single day of their life, then they might understand what we have to deal with. Every one of my diseases cause severe pain. It’s not just the SLE and then the RA is the same pain, but the RA is additional pain as well as the Sjogrens, SFN, etc.. I feel like all these people do is focus on the drug addicts. HELLO??? We’re here too and we need what their wanting to take from us. They just don’t get it! That’s why we need to fight these people and their new tules, regulations and laws.

  3. Heather says:

    Bridget-I love your article it really spoke to my experience as well! I wish I had Facebook. I have a really hard time expressing my pain and disease to my family and friends and you do it so well!
    Your comment about how could they take away painkillers and how it can become an addiction is so true. What the drug companies need to do is find us a cure, not another painkiller we get addicted to!

    • Penny says:

      Our doctors are breaking their Hippocratic oaths when they lower pain medication for legitimate chronic pain sufferers. We should be able to sue, but that isn’t going to help the pain we are in now. The addicts are still going to get their pills, over doses are still going to happen by THE ADDICTS! The only thing these new laws do is make real patients suffer. it’s the same way with the guns issue…criminals are still going to get guns. The general public are not going to be able to defend their lives, homes, & families when stricter gun laws are passed. The FDA needs to stay out of our medical health. What happened to our patients rights for it to be between us and our doctors?

  4. Sheila Dancu says:

    This story is so me. I have lupus and fibro. I go to pain management but what I get does not help me. My life is no life. In pain 24/7. No energy to even go get my hair cut. I have no life. My disickness is on the inside of me. So no one really understands why I don’t get out of the house. Can’t even clean the house. My doctors do not understand.

    • Bridget Gardiner says:

      I am so sorry to hear all of this Sheila and I know how hard it can be. Ive pulled myself out of the spiral a few times now and the worst part is, we know we will go down that pain killer road again when another flare up comes along. For now, I think you should focus on the little things that help you get out of bed. As hard as it is to make time for ourselves, it really is a part ofd the healing process my love. You need to get a hair cut, not just for your hair, but for your soul. You need to pamper yourself. Being single mom, I always think about that oxygen mask on the plane, and how I need tout it on myself first, then them. Otherwise I am no good to anyone. I am sending you tons of healing love and light, and let me know how your doing.


    • Peggy says:

      I understand I have RA centered in my feet and legs, with fibro. I hurt so badly even with pain medications I want to just give up

    • Sandra Lee says:

      I understand sweetie, for all the good it does to tell you. We can hope and pray for pain management that is effective in the future. We can do the same for a cure for this horrible disease that disables so many people and kills countless others. Best wishes, my lupus sister.

    • Veronica Del rio says:

      I feel you im very fatigue and no one understands they think im lazy. Im not im sick i have sle fibro a bad back anemia chronic pain . i have no energy my pain meds are what helps me and now i dont get energy from them either.

  5. Sarah james says:

    Bridget I started to cry reading this because I can relate so much. I go to the VA in Augusta ga and I have been through 4 primary care doctors within the last year and a half because of pain management or one doctor was meeting me for the first time and I had a rash from taking prednisone and high Uric acid and I was asking for some cream to put on my chest and she said oh that looks like pimps. That same doctor asked me if someone had just told me I had lupus. I was dumbfounded that she would ask me that so I sarcastically told her about the manifestations and the many tubes of blood and times I have to go to the lab … some people are just not meant to be doctors. The primary care that I have now all she asked me is about my refill for my pain at my appointment and I was just in the ICU for 5 days for lupus she didn’t address that… also she won’t refill my clonzapam that I have been taking for 2 years and the reasoning is that oh I take narcotics. I’ve been taking hydrocodone for 5 years and the doctors won’t give me anything stronger and when I was in the icu I had to beg for something else and I was crying for 2days with pain and they finally gave me iv morphine which worked for 2-3hours so I could get some sleep … sometimes I think I just can’t anymore this disease will try to take you down I have been having some bladder pain and the doctors gave me a bunch of antibiotics but it didn’t go away they said there is no bacteria so I have acute cystitis no bacteria and they said that it is because of the lupus but when I ask for something for pain or anything they give me the same answer oh you’re too young you shouldn’t be taking all this medicine and you have small babies …so the doctors I guess just expect me to lay in bed all day and not take care of my two kids because when I have my bad days my hands seem to hurt the most and there is no way I can pick up my kids or make them a sandwich or anything… and if the climb on me is excruciating. I really don’t know what we should do about doctors abusing us neglecting our well being

    • Bridge Gardiner says:

      Hi Sarah. I am so sorry my love for everything your going through. Remember we pay those doctors to treat us, and if your not happy with yours, you definitely need to switch. That being said, pain management is definitely a crisis in this country and it goes beyond opiate addiction. Opiates are not something any of us wishes for ourselves, hell we wouldn’t wish those things on our worst enemy, but its ALL WE HAVE! We still have lives to live and without pain killers most of us can be found in the fetal position in our beds. We need a better way to treat the pain we are all going through, without having to use heavy narcotics to mask it. Thanks for commenting love and don’t ever hesitate to stop by and say hello, or reach out if you need someone to talk to.


  6. Kasey Nelson says:

    This story is the ugly truth of living with a chronic illness. I’m 25 and have been dealing with lupus for the last 2 years. I didn’t imagine my life as it is now. At 25 you never prepare yourself for things like this to happen. I miss my old life, being pain free, having a full time job, keeping a relationship. The hardest thing is waking up every morning knowing you will be dealing with the same demons that exhaust you the day before. Waking up without pain is something I don’t know if I remember feeling anymore. I’m always taking something to try to stay “comfortable”. But the reality is that I’m very uncomfortable most of the time. I’ve gone through many treatments and I was in hope that Benlysta would work. I’ve been on it for 8 months and I haven’t showed as much improvement as they would want to see. So they are ending my treatment in 2 months. I’m very discouraged. I hope someday they find a cure!

    • Bridge Gardiner says:

      Hi Kasey,

      I know its easy to get discouraged with lupus. Especially when the “miracle” drug doesnt work like you hope it will. I too went down that same path. I was on Benlysta for close to a year. While it did give me 2 weeks of feeling pretty good, the first week after the treatment I was so sick I couldn’t keep any food down, and then the week before my next treatment I would slide back down the hill. It got to the point where I had lost 20lbs and my doctor finally said enough was enough.

      The worst part, was the pain in my body never actually went away. Looking back I just had more energy, which was nice but not worth it. I am hopeful that with the spotlight being on opiates these days that they will work to get new pain management care for us all. Thank you so much for commenting love and I hope you get to feeling some relief soon.


      • Cindy says:

        Thank you so much for writing this! I’m having the same experience with pain management and e Benlysta. No relief the first week, good 2 weeks and rough week 4! I believe they are in the beta stages for a self injecting Benlysta, similar to humera dosing, that is supposed to be better and less time consuming.
        I did recently do some food allergy testing, holistically so it cover sensitivities as well as allergies, and found I had a ton of them! By avoiding those foods as well as doing desensitization treatments it has helped some what. I found out I was allergic to turmeric which they were giving me when I has 100’s of stomach bleeds from the anti inflammatories:(.
        Such a complicated disease! My PM doc recommended swimming because of a Nuero muscular connection that can happen when your in the water. Can’t hurt to try!
        Sorry you’re going through this but glad to know I’m not alone!!

  7. Erin says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m so glad I found this article. I’m 23 now and a few months after graduating college in 2015, was suddenly slammed with all of the symptoms of an autoimmune disease…fatigue, worsened migraines, rapid weight loss, nausea, partial seizures, and, of course, pain (plus much more but that lupus/MTX fog is a killer and I can’t think of all right now lol). And all in a very severe way. Other than the few times I broke some bones in my early adolescence, I had never experienced pain in my life. When I began having issues, I was in my first semester of graduate school in NYC in the fall of ’15. Due to the sudden, severe onset of issues (I realize later, I was a walking ticking time bomb…great grandma had severe RA and dads cousin has Stills (juvenile arthritis) and can’t work at ALL. My grandmother had only boys so I was next in line) I had to request a semester long extension for my classes, something that, as an honors student in undergrad who in my last year, took 17 credits, had an internship AND a job, was totally a failure to me, and extremely disturbing/confusing/frustrating, not to mention upsetting. I was also bartending a LOT at the time and working a retail job, so I went from working/going to school in the fall at one point for 6 weeks with not one day off, to just a few months later, having to completely withdraw from my spring classes and quit my jobs in early ’16. I was rendered useless. My mom is a PT and has osteoarthritis, so after her period of denial about my condition, understood I needed help and worked with my GP who we are both close to to get me some pain meds so I could function while I found a rheumatologist. Problem there is that I was 22, and the first two rheumatologists that I wasted months of my time on didn’t take me seriously. The first, after prescribing me Mobic out of fear of prednisone being “too risky” with no reflection of disease in my blood work, suggested I see a therapist after I spent a night in the hospital because I had a partial seizure from the Mobic overwhelming my system that was already pumped full of around 20 Advil every day (which, has permanently ruined me for NSAIDS because I continually have the same reaction every time I take them now). Right before making the switch to see my current rheumy, triggered by the second one pushing sulfasalazine on me (ASPIRIN BASED!!!), my GP got to the point where she felt she couldn’t adequately manage my pain anymore and referred to a pain management specialist that she knew personally because otherwise there’s no way any clinic would take me due to my age. I have NEVER abused my meds for pleasure…only ever took more out of desperation to try to get out of pain. I’ve made the personal decision to struggle through keeping my dose the same so once I have a treatment that really works I can try to come off it and it wont be so hard, and have done so since starting at the clinic almost a year ago. Issue is, the current rheumy, who, though amazing and takes me seriously, is in Richmond…an 8 hour drive from my home in NY. luckily my boyfriend lives in MD so I have a pit stop, but seeing him regularly is difficult. But he’s he only one who’s helped aside from my pain Mgmt doc. I just a few weeks ago FINALLY got a diagnosis of all seronegative, lupus, RA and fibro. My blood is clean but I’m suffering so badly. The photosensitivity has finally popped up and the nasty malar rash I sported the day before I saw him kinda sealed the deal with that one. ANYWAY, to make a long story short, I feel as if I could’ve been the one to write this article. I cried when I read this. I just went up on my MTX injections to the max dose and I’m praying it helps because relying on my pain meds is incredibly difficult and makes me feel horrible about myself. I’m so tired of being labeled as an addict and drug seeking. My doctor was recently out of the country and the nurse at the office refused to help me when he was gone, a request I made only because of the fact I’ve been badly flaring and just landed myself in the hospital again from a dual kidney infection and passing a stone. I see him Monday and I so don’t want to ask to go up in dose but I feel I have no choice. I’ve very slowly started putting my life back together, going to school as much as I can, working in a first grade class and interning at a museum. It’s getting to the point again though that I’m afraid I will have to quit something because it’s too much. I know pain pills are not the answer to functioning in my life but right now what choice do I have?? I’m sorry for the novel I just wrote about my life story but this article touched me in the realest way. I try to remind myself that I’m not a junkie and that this medication doesn’t define me, that I’m a good person and deserve to have a high quality of life even if it means being dependent on these stupid freaking pills but it’s really hard. So thank you again for this article because it means so much to know some one else knows how I feel and understands what this situation is like. Not many people do, and I see people like my mom who’s had two hip replacements before 50 who suffers like I do, not to the same degree or in the same way, but still suffers, never taking pain meds and toughing through it all and I feel weak. I’m trying to get better and not be so hard on myself but I often feel I don’t deserve it and need to toughen up. Thank you for your bravery in writing this and thank you for understanding, even though I wish you never had to experience any of this. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

  8. Ruthie says:

    Was thrilled to read your article. I’ve been misdiagnosed for 10 years as many of my symptoms were GI related including nausea, severe cramping and diarrhea but I also have flu-like malaise most the day, brain fog, etc. When I take only one half a Percocet I feel amazingly better, but I can’t take every day or my internist gets suspicious, even though it drastically improves my quality of life. I am 62 and I feel awful for those of you having such serious symptoms so young! My symptoms were only sporadic until after menopause, when I lost a lot of weight and had “migraines” in my gut from muscle spasms. Doctor telling me I have mixed connective tissue disorder which includes lupus. I hope they find a cure for you younger lupus sufferers–at least you were diagnosed, as many go years without proper diagnosis, but I know diagnosis still doesn’t help you feel better. I will look up your FB blog–Ruthie

  9. wendy f says:

    i have had Lupus for 32 years now only getting results about 6 years ago, so i worked 3 jobs and brought up my two children up, (who have turned out great)just keeping my head above water paying bills.
    so when i woke-up every morning in the pain i used MIND OVER MATTER which was i have not got time to be ill today and just carry on even thou i have tryed many painkillers that just didnt work or doctors stop them as i am also ellergit to my own blood so tablets havnt got a chance.
    I,AM 52 now and riddle from top to bottom with this nasty lupus and still no painkiller.
    so if you would like some warning just teeth/gums.lost all of mine in 4 months.
    and i have one of the worlds top consultans on lupus.

    • lisa says:

      I was wondering if lupus effects your gums and teeth I just wish people would understand the pain we are in they look at us as not really being in that muci feel so alone sometimes i just don’t know what to do

      • Veronica Del rio says:

        Yes i slowly lost one tooth at a time. It sucks i could be eating and it would nust fall out or crack. All i can do was cry each time now im saving for demtal my medicare doesnt cover dental

  10. MARY HOFFMAN says:

    Hi –
    It seems all I do lately is research on the internet. My Doctor, of over 25 years, has treated me for everything…. and yes, even my lupus. We all know the pain is so bad that the only choice we have is pain medication (I swear to you if any doctor asks me if I take Advil for the pain I am going to lose it… that is about as helpful as a glass of water). I happen to have a crazy tolerance for any medication – (I have to take 4 Excedrin migraine; I use to take 2 750mg anaprox (sp) for menstrual cramps! No lie – my doctor use to be shocked, but now she just knows…. my body does not register any medication easily – some it doesnt register at all. YET – NyQuil will keep me down for two days! lol Go figure….) anyway, I never abused my prescriptions, never fill early, used only one pharmacy and never shop around – – – I actually forced her to give me a pee test! hahaha. I was aware how the Government was punishing the good doctors and patients and never wanted her to get in any trouble. All that said – while these pills make life more manageable, they do not get me high and they certainly never ever get me fully out of pain. They make the pain manageable (usually – not always) well, 2 months ago, my doctor announced she will not write another script. She told me the DEA and our Governor (Christie – grrrr..I am in New Jersey) has made it to scary for her. She told me I must go to a Pain Management Doctor. I asked….no…I begged her to keep me on until I found a replacement. She said no. I left her office in a daze. How could MY doctor, the doctor who knew me as well as I knew myself, who is kind, caring and compassionate do this to me? She said it was not personal – yet, it was happening to me so I am not sure how anything gets more personal than that. I now have less than 30 days to find a doctor. I am scared to death. I do not know where I am suppose to go. Pain Management Doctors all talk about sticking me with needles, they are spine doctors, etc. I do not need them! This is far beyond my back pain and sciatica. I am not a drug addict. I resent being treated like one. Look – these pills help me – period. I have no issue taking them – As it is, my insurance company told my doctor she wrote me too many (INSURANCE COMPANY!!!! How the hell do they know what I need? This is out of control). I am aware of the side effects and the addiction possibility (being on them for as long as I have, chances are I have some serious withdrawals coming my way if I can not find a doctor) – and frankly, I am okay with that. It is my health here is it not? Do I no longer have a say? If my quality of life is better on these pills who the hell is our government to get involved and say I should not be on them?? Let them spend a day inside my skin – without pills – I bet they couldn’t handle the pain…. Honestly, If these pills cut my life a couple years short – I do not care….. I would rather live a QUALITY life – – – not a long painful one.
    Has anyone noticed that suicide is up among chronic pain patients? How about the fact that these patients are now also on Heroin – they can not get their pain medication anymore, but the heroin is readily available (and cheaper from what I read…. that drug scares me to death).
    All I know is that I am scared. I cry – alot. And we all know what this stress is doing to me……. it is flaring up my Lupus. OUCH. I just do not understand how any of this is happening. How are we living in a world where the addict is taken care of (okay, this is good) and the chronic pain patient is treated like the addict? (this is very very bad)
    Oh well, it felt good to vent. Thank you for reading this – (I know it was long) – I need to get back to google to see if there is anyone in New Jersey that can help me with this. I know there is somebody out there who can help – or at least point me in the right direction….. but my prescription bottle says I better find them quick.
    Be well everyone…. I always include all of us chronic pain people in my prayers…. I have to believe they will be answered.


    • Bridge Gardiner says:

      Hi Mary,

      I am so sorry your having a rough time with your lupus. The insurance companies really don’t help relieve the stress either. Hang in there love.


    • Sheila says:

      We need to do something. I just found this website and started reading this article. They are trying to wean my med then dc it. I’m in a lot worse pain this week, miserable. Please respond. I still work full time. Very depressed ….

      • Diana Christiansen says:

        Is there a way to start a “me too” movement for people living in pain?? POLITICIANS and the DEA should not have the power to hurt us even more and stigmatize us for trying to survive.

    • kelsea says:

      Hey there Mary,

      I am so sorry and know exactly what you are going through. I cannot find a doctor in my network in NJ to let me see a pain management doctor, let alone my rheumatologist refuses to help or give me something for my pain. I have been seeing him for two years for my Lupus, fibro, sjogrens, lymes, and (have diabetes too). I try everything, from meditating, eating healthy, all the bullshit they want you to try even though it doesn’t help. Were you able to find a doctor to help with pain management?


  11. Kara Gann says:

    Today was given a positive test for Lupus, this upset me because I knew something was wrong other than just arthritis and all my head like some of my doctors told me in the past. I’ve been in so much pain for the past 15 years with no one who would listen to me really listen to me till I walk into the urgent care clinic and I had a Doctor and amazing Doctor who really want to know what I was feeling, how I was feeling, & what I was going through daily he sat there and listen and at that time he asked me if I had ever been tested for lupus or rheumatoid arthritis I told him him no one ever asked me that before. The Doctor did the test on Friday and today I was told my test was positive I didn’t know how to feel, to myself I was thinking I knew I was crazy! But my doctor today said that pain medication isn’t the answer and was only to be used as a temporary alternative for pain, I told her that I had 2 girls that I have to take care of and that I’m the only parent in their lives and I have to be able to some kind of life to be able to take care of my girls. Without my pain medication I’m not able to get out of bed and do what I need to do to take care off them, she still told me pain medication wasn’t the answer, in tears I told her she wasn’t not listening to me just like many doctors before her also told her she said she could give me what I was asking for, I told her it wasn’t just about pain medication I told her it was about being able to live. TODAY I felt like I was in a dream or I should say a nightmare. I’m glad I read these comments from others because my doctor made me feel like I was a typical “pill head” sorry to say it like that but she did. But now I no that I’m not the only person that has gone through the same thing. Thank you!!

  12. Austin m Gilson Jr USN says:

    Hi You all and i feel for you and i to have Lupus but mine is from the Military Vaccine program i received in boot-camp back in 86-87. Well i had joined because my whole family had served the military since the revolutionary war. And i believed it was my Duty to also. On 2nd thought i wish i hadn’t because it has cause me a multitude of health issues from black out memory loss diabetes anemia thryiod failier to now this Lupus and the pain is unbearable the only thing that is worse is the cluster headaches i suffer since i was discharged back in 91.

    And as far as Pain meds i was taken Norco for almost 10 years but then my liver started hurting and i asked the Dr to stop them and to try something else the pain in my right side subside and i gained back the weight i had lost. I was on Methadone for a year now and asked to be taken off of that also because i read some bad stuff about that and i had thought the black out and hallucinations was from that but they still happened and now i’m taken 2 methadone 10mg pills twice daily and its not working for the pain.My question is what will work i mean my left wrist is so bad i can’t use it and my degenerative spine and neck are in constant fire like jolts i mean i have passed out because of getting up to fast i guess i pinched a nerve. Has this happened to any of you. This is a very depressing thing i have a son i raised by my self and he’s in collage now and being a single father was hard but i managed to raise him with out any issues. I mean he missed maybe 2 days of school and he got a scholarship for KU he’s taken Chemistry.

    When i had read some of your stories i could feel your pain and it upsets me to know that the Doctors can help but they refuse to because of those Idiots that lie to them to get pain meds i hate those people because it makes it so hard for people that need it.All i have ever Prayed for was to raise my Son and that’s done. I hope all of you are doing fine and will pray for you God Bless Thanks Austin

  13. Clare S. says:

    I love this article! “When did the war on drugs become a war on the disabled?” Awesome question that puts this painkiller issue into perspective. I do hope they don’t force too many of us to have to search the streets! If there is any call to action, anything I can do to fight this issue, somebody let me know. I’m in.

  14. Strongheart says:

    Loved your article and blog! I have a picture of Xena Warrior Princess on my fridge to remind me to keep fighting this unreal pain. Never give up! Anyone else out there with Trileptal drug induced Lupus? I am on the Dr. Gundry Non-inflamation/Lupus diet out of “The Plant Paradox.” Forcing myself to walk five miles everyday. Medical M, Hydrocodone, Gabipentin, Cortisol. Pain medications are manufactured for people like us. We are not drug addicts. Is there anything that works on this pain?

  15. Ashlie wilson says:

    Wonderful article. I am 38 years old and have been suffering with Lupus for 10 years. Doctors take away my quality of life. Since you can’t see lupus I’m 90% of the time treated as if I’m a drug seeking pill head. I moved to this state 2 yes 3rd into my lupus diagnosis. So I go to New doctors and tell them I have Lupus and am in pain and they never do blood work or any test and say take ibuprophen. And it it sad because i cannot live any sort of productive life if i am stuck in bed all day. So I have no choice but purchase a few meds off the street forcing me to feel like scum of the earth. Risking my life and freedom all to not be in constant pain. The worst part is just like my current relationship my fiance does not know what it is like to have Lupus. Yes I know that I will become and have become dependant on meds. Any chronically ill patient becomes addicted if the illness is non curable. But to me dependence vs quality of life is a no brainer. And yes I go thru withdrawals if I am without meds cold turkey. That plus the stress it causes me sends me I to a flare up. Which makes me irritable and ugly. So my fiance has told me I’m never again allowed to take any meds or he will leave me. Simply because he views every ache or pain I have as withdrawals. I love him and do not want him to leave me. It does not seem fair that in order to follow his ultimatum my life will only be laying around feeling like death. I feel so lost and alone with this lupus. God gave this life to me and me only. To be lived to the best of my ability. But what do I do when others take authority over my quality of life

  16. darla says:

    what can we do to change this attitude that the dEA has put out there so that people in pain get treatment? my husband has given up stopped going to doctors and has no quality of life due to no pain tretment with chrons and lupus. no doctors in our state Pa want to tret chronic patients

  17. Sheila says:

    Darla, I have the same question. I’d like to talk to you. Hope you see my post. We must do something and soon!! I just found this site yesterday.
    Who on here wants to write the congressmen who are on the DEA commission about opiates?
    I have an article and their names and states, just need all the autoimmune folks we can get to use their voice.

    • Anna says:

      I am on board! What can we do to stop the control of my life by the DEA and campaigning politicians from handling my life and my future! Not everyone is a drug addict and I I am sick and tired of being treated like an addict. I’m not gonna go into all the details because everyone story and reply on this page is exactly like mine. It is awful, disgusting, and ridiculous how people are so selfish, rude, judgemental, and I don’t know how many lives are being destroyed and affected by everyone considering every person that uses a painkiller must be an addict. Don’t even get me started on the pharmacists!
      If anyone would like to start any type of petition or campaign to help us and stop people from taking away pain medications that we truly need at times to even get up to go to the bathroom and most importantly get up to help my children every morning. I am not taking more and more other medications with dangerous side effects because I can’t use a pain medication for pain because someone thinks I might be an addict! Spend one day in my shoes and then talk to me! Please keep me informed of any possible petition or campaign that is available and post it here or email me at [email protected] please! I will also keep looking for someway I can start helping too and will post here. Thank you for this site. Anna

      • Anna says:

        Hello again! It’s Anna. I forgot to say I did read everyone’s comments, I feel your pain, and I am so sorry for anyone feeling lost, overwhelmed, depressed and at their whits end. Please hang in there, continue to pray, take any help offered to you, God bless you, keep a positive attitude and I hope you can avoid stress to keep flare ups away and I hope you all find something to laugh at every day! I am going to make it my mission to find help for us. I have been lucky enough to have pain medication because I had a spinal surgery, but once that pain medication is gone, I don’t know what I’m going to do because I’m looking at that giant container of malaria medication with the risk of losing my eyesight and other delightful side effects and I will not take it. I simply would like to take a pain medication for pain that’s what they were made for. I don’t need to take 10 other different drugs to go an around about way to help me with pain when I can simply take one pill for pain to get rid of my pain. It’s common sense, pain medication is for chronic pain period! Because of addicts addicted to painkillers (like my brother who I won’t let in my house because he will steal my medication) real people in real pain have to suffer! Hang in there!!

      • Anna says:

        Holy Spirit Wow!!!
        I have been convinced so long that there must be an underlying infection going along with all this lupus, SLE, MCTD, Sjögrens, Raynauds, etc. and I have been trying to convince doctors to try and put me on low dose doxycycline (a Tetracycline, but more tissue specific) And of course they insist it will increase my immunity and increase the attack on my body. I get that but I’m seriots about what I believe and I’ve been reading so many different things and so many different articles and rereading all my nursing books and every government medical article until I came across this:
        I am now on a mission to find a doctor that will prescribe me a low-dose anabiotic for months to see if I can stop the antibody membrane bacterial ……. (blah blah blah) process. Just now while reading a CDC article I came across something that’s been backs up some of what I’ve been saying to my doctors!!!!!!! The Marshall Protocol. Here is the link And I am so so so excited:
        I am bringing this to my physician and trying to get to start doxycycline I will keep you all updated on what happens to me.
        Thank you So much for this site,
        Anna Marie
        Keep praying

  18. Veronica Del rio says:

    I have Sle sciatica fibro back issues and more all in this one body. I suffer from chronic pain daily my fatigue is getting worse. I think i might need another blood transfusion i cant do my chores or home school my kid anymore I just lay down all day wanting to get up but I have no motivation. No life I dont even have time to date. My illness has me isololated and single. My pain meds help so much if i didnt have them i would be screwed.. Now my kidneys hurt im like whats next really. Its nice to know im not alone and theres others like me who understand.

  19. Emily says:

    There must be something we can do about this. The government has turned it into a political battle, one which just increased by ten-fold today. It feels like the government is only looking at addiction and overdose. The handicapped and ill are left to fend for themselves.

    How many people who medically and ethically need these drugs to manage pain will no longer have access to what they need to survive each day? Worse, I wonder how many deaths from suicide (due to untreated, unrelenting chronic pain) will have to happen before the public realizes taking away all opioids isn’t the answer.

    Stop the insanity! Please ensure there is something effective that can ease pain for those in actual need before we mandate and regulate these drugs into oblivion. We need to start a group, if there isn’t one already, so Congress can hear us. We are not addicts. Stop treating us like we are.

  20. Charlotta says:

    I have had lupus for the past 25 years. I am a 2 time cancer survivor since 2015. I have not even reached 50. I am a full time worker with no empathy from my job even though I have worked here for 18 years. I am over the medication and I just want to live life pain free and enjoy my grandchild. I am home daily because I cannot tolerate the different weather patterns. It is indeed a horrible disease. I understand what most go through and can honestly say, ” I Understand”.

  21. Dave T says:

    Thanks for writing this and I truly hope you and everyone else in this situation finds relief including me. I don’t have Lupus.
    I have a muscle disease where my muscles lock up in severe pain and when it happens in my chest, I can not breathe.
    The doctors keep pushing me off on pain relief. I do not have an addictive personality and personally, like you, pain killers, I find, are no fun to use for the same reasons you posted. I’m so angry at what has happened because I can not function well without relief. I had to BEG my doctor for relief. That was so humiliating. I pay for insurance for health care and have to beg. It infuriates me!!
    Finally, I received a prescription for Tramadol. I had to make an appointment, pay my co pay, charge my insurance just to go into his office and demand pain relief. He said, “why do you need this?”. Keep in mind; he’s been my doctor with all my records for 3 years. I said, “I can’t take the pain anymore” an he wrote the script. I now need a refill and have to make an appt., pay my co pay and charge my insurance so he can ask the same questions while I demand a refill with him knowing full well why I need it. I get so worked up that I just want to run into a forest far away and just let nature take its course. What a mess this is for us who truly need. Best of luck to you!

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