Rheumatologist Explains Why It’s So Hard to Diagnose Lupus

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In this video from the Lupus Alliance of LIQ, rheumatologist Dr. Jenny Carbas-Vargas from the Overlook Medical Center talks about how complicated it is to diagnose lupus.

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The symptoms of lupus vary and often mimic those of many other diseases, including other autoimmune diseases and connective tissue disorders. Dr. Cabas-Vargas explains that patients may experience symptoms of lupus for years before they realize something is wrong, so doctors will need to take a comprehensive medical history before they can diagnose.

Patients may need lab work and many different types of tests to reach a lupus diagnosis. In fact, it can take three to four years before doctors come to an accurate conclusion. Though Cabas-Vargas explains that researchers have identified certain biomarkers that now make it easier than ever before to diagnose lupus.

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