5 Tips for Traveling With Lupus

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In this video from newlifeoutlook, Anna Scanlon shares some tips for people with lupus who wish to travel. Traveling with an autoimmune disease like lupus can pose several problems, but with some forethought and planning, there is no reason why people living with lupus can’t go out and see the world.

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Anna’s tips are related to the actual journey a person with lupus may take, whether it be by airplane, car, train or boat.

Her advice is simple: get plenty of sleep the night before you leave since it’s unlikely you’ll get any quality sleep while traveling; wear a comfortable and non-restrictive outfit on the journey (which includes shoes, as feet swell when traveling); if traveling by car, wear sunscreen if it’s a sunny day.  If possible, sit in the back and use a sun guard on the window.

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