4 Ways the American Lung Association Helps Patients Manage Their Disease

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by Wendy Henderson |

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The American Lung Association (ALA) helps thousands of people manage chronic lung diseases each year. Through education and training, it helps the recently diagnosed come to terms with their condition and discover how to best manage their disease.

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Here are some of the facilities the organization has to offer:

The American Lung Association offers classes and course for people who have been diagnosed with a chronic lung disease. These can either be taken online or in person. Some of the courses available include Asthma Basics, Better Breathers Club, Freedom From Smoking, along with others to help children better manage their lung diseases.

Education and Training for Employees
The ALA offers courses for workplaces such as Workplace Wellness, Freedom From Smoking and Asthma Basics which help staff learn more about different lung diseases.

Health Education Material 
The ALA can provide written information regarding lung health including quitting smoking, learning about various lung diseases, and environmental health.

Become an Educator or Facilitator
If you’re a health care professional or want to volunteer to help patients who have a chronic lung disease, the ALA offers opportunities to facilitate courses or become an educator.

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