9 Diet Tips for Managing Lupus and Other Autoimmune Diseases


Diet can have a huge effect on the symptoms of lupus and other autoimmune diseases and certain foods can often trigger flares. Conversely, eating a healthy diet can help keep lupus flares at bay, but what foods should you be eating?

Nine tips to help you to better self-manage your lupus symptoms.

Barbara Mendez is a registered pharmacist and nutritionist and thinks of food as medicine. In this 2015 video, she talks us through some of the food she believes are good for people with autoimmune diseases such as lupus to eat to help manage the symptoms and stay well. Barbara shares her top nine tips for eating well which include ditching the junk food, getting your vitamin levels checked and watching which type of supplements you take so you don’t boost your immune system.

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One comment

  1. Lori Pope says:

    Hello Barbara. Just want to let you know that I have healed myself of Lupus (2 hospitalizations and no “life”) by following a similar regimen from another nutritionist. The difference is, that I went through a cleansing process first, and the focus is on (first eliminating overgrowth, now) keeping candida at bay. I am drug free, symptom free, take supplements, exercise, and rest. Similar to your recommendation, I do not eat gluten, dairy, sugar (no sweeteners except for Stevia and Xylitol), soy, corn, alcohol, coffee/caffeine, and just 1 piece of fruit a day. It sounds difficult, but I love it and feel great! Because of Lupus, I now live an extremely healthy life and should have high quality aging!

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