What Happens to the Body During a Lupus Flare?


Lupus is an autoimmune disease whereby the body’s immune system starts to attack itself. The symptoms of the disease are very widespread and differ greatly between patients. In this informative film from Emory University shared in November 2015, we find out what happens to the immune system when a person suffers a lupus flare.

Find out more about the different symptoms of lupus in men and women. 

“But what is a flare? A flare is basically when your lupus is active and it differs from person to person.”

Rheumatologist Dr. Ignacio Sanz and postdoc Christopher Tipton explain that during a lupus flare, B-cells start to attack healthy tissue when they should be attacking germs and viruses to protect the body. The duo is working with cutting edge sequencing techniques to try and track the pathways the B-cells take in a lupus flare to try and establish if there are drugs that could target those pathways and lead to better treatment for lupus patients.

Find out more about how B-cells and T-cells are affected by lupus.

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