6 Less Common Symptoms of Lupus

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Lupus can affect patients in many ways, and although no two patients will share exactly the same symptoms, there are some common symptoms that most people know of, like a butterfly rash, joint pain, sun sensitivity and extreme fatigue. However, there are also other lesser-known symptoms that you might not be aware of. We’ve put together a list of six less common symptoms of lupus based on information from newlifeoutlook.



Depression and anxiety are common in lupus, but a rarer mental disorder is lupus psychosis. Lupus psychosis usually happens at either the onset of the condition or during the initial year of diagnosis. The psychosis will typically occur during a flare and is treated with steroids. Occasionally lupus psychosis can come from a reaction from prednisone. Lupus psychosis usually only last between two and four weeks.

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Lupus patients can sometimes suffer from extreme headaches which will only respond to aggressive immunosuppressive medications. If you suffer from headaches which are debilitating and are not responsive to over-the-counter medications, you should see your doctor.

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Because lupus can attack the nervous system, some patients may find they suffer from a variety of sensations ranging from tingling to pain, or feeling as though your skin is sunburnt. These feelings may be intermittent or constant.

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Most cases of vertigo are unrelated to lupus, but sometimes if a person suffers from hearing loss due to lupus they may also suffer from vertigo.

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Many lupus patients are affected by Sjogren’s syndrome which dries out the body’s orifices such as the mouth. This can lead to gum disease and yeast infections, which are both painful and can make eating difficult. In addition, lupus patients who suffer from osteoporosis may also have issues with their jaws.

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Aside from the well-known butterfly rash that affects the face, some lupus patients may also have other skins rashes. Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus is a lupus-associated skin condition which develops on areas of the skin which have been exposed to sunlight. Calcinosis can leave white spots on the skin and livedo reticularis is due to the blood flowing through the capillaries abnormally resulting in purple blotches.

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