6 Less Common Symptoms of Lupus


Lupus can affect patients in many ways, and although no two patients will share exactly the same symptoms, there are some common symptoms that most people know of, like a butterfly rash, joint pain, sun sensitivity and extreme fatigue. However, there are also other lesser-known symptoms that you might not be aware of. We’ve put together a list of six less common symptoms of lupus based on information from newlifeoutlook.



Depression and anxiety are common in lupus, but a rarer mental disorder is lupus psychosis. Lupus psychosis usually happens at either the onset of the condition or during the initial year of diagnosis. The psychosis will typically occur during a flare and is treated with steroids. Occasionally lupus psychosis can come from a reaction from prednisone. Lupus psychosis usually only last between two and four weeks.

Discover nine tips to help you to self-manage your lupus.

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