13 Lupus Symptoms You Should Know



Swollen joints become extremely painful.

Find out about some great exercises to help you with joint pain.

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  1. I am one of the less than 10 % of the worlds Lupus (SLE) patients. I am 42 years old. The doctors say I’m living on borrowed time. My younger sister is 39 years old. She has (SLE) lupus. She is also living on borrowed time. My older sister died from (SLE) Lupus and MS in her early thirties.My mother is the oldest member of my family so far with this terrible disease, She died at 47 years old. Kidney failure. I and my younger sister that is still alive for now would like to be sponsored for 2 Shade UV sensors from Shade. If anyone can help please write to my email. [email protected]
    Put Lupus in the description so I know your not SPAM. Thank you.William Clark. And Becky Clark.

  2. Michelle says:

    Mr. William Clark,
    I sent you a huge email to you about me. May not be able to personally help you, I Do Know how you feel.
    Please feel Free to respond!

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