“I Look Normal But I’m Not Even Close to Normal… And This is Lupus”

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“This is lupus. I look pretty normal, huh? But guess what – I’m not even close to normal”. This is the first thing we hear when we press play in this video. This is what lupus patients feel like everyday.

Lupus is autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation and can affect all the major organs of the body. Being a systemic inflammatory disorder, lupus commonly presents a multitude of symptoms.

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Living with an invisible and chronic illness is like this. In this video, shared by LiveHopeLupus, listen to Samantha while she talks about how people usually think she is not ill, because – most of the times – she doesn’t have any external symptom of her disease. You can also learn more about lupus symptoms, how this disease develops and what it does to the body, who it tends to affect most and how there is no cure for it.

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