Clinical Trials for Lupus Nephritis Patients

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Lupus is a chronic, non-contagious and autoimmune disease that can affect and weaken any part of the patient’s body. Lupus affects people by attacking the patient’s immune system, and the immune system is what protects you from viruses, bacteria, and germs.

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Lupus nephritis is a form of lupus that attacks the kidneys and can cause kidney failure. This is what happened to celebrity Nick Cannon. In this video, shared by ImmuneTolerance, listen to Dr. Maria Dall’Era from the University of California, San Francisco, talk about lupus nephritis and CALIBRATE, a study for patients suffering from lupus nephritis.

As read in the video description, CALIBRATE “is a clinical research study testing the safety and efficacy of an investigational drug approach in lupus nephritis: treatment with rituximab  and cyclophosphamide followed by belimumab.” Watch the video to learn more about this study and how it can benefit lupus nephritis’ patients.

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