Lupus Patient Publishes New Book on Wellness

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by Ines Martins, PhD |

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Lupus is a chronic disease for which there is currently no cure, with patients suffering with a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings. Along with physicians, patients are the best people to discuss the disease, as is the case with Ellarea Maria Cole Stansbury, the author of the recently published book “A Wellspring for Wellness.”

Born in Maryland, social worker Ellarea Stansbury was diagnosed with lupus. However, instead of conforming with her faith she was inspired to write about wellness in the hopes of helping others who suffer with the malignancy. “A Wellspring for Wellness” expresses Stansbury’s opinions on disease management as a consequence of lifestyle alterations that can have a positive impact on health, despite the genetic and environmental factors that influence the condition.

The book provides an holistic idea about the management not only of lupus, but also of other autoimmune diseases, offering insights on how to live a healthier live. “I want my readers with autoimmune and related diseases to realize they can take charge of their health and there can be quality of life. I want them to know it is not their fault,” stated the author in a press release.

“Blood tests evidence shows that one can be born with a predisposition and genes for lupus. All other readers can become more understanding and supportive of those with autoimmune and related disease,” added Stansbury, who wants to provide hope, alternatives and medical recommendations to other patients suffering with autoimmune diseases.

A Wellspring for Wellness” includes an overview on the symptoms of autoimmune diseases, particularly focused on lupus, as well as diagnostic, treatment methods, prognosis and ramifications of the condition. In addition, it intends to provide information and practical tips on lifestyle changes that can improve disease management while at the same time ameliorate symptoms.

The author based her advises and recommendations on both scientific research and personal experiences that included a series of lifestyle factors, such as nutrition, exercise and spiritual practices. The book, which is available on Amazon, also includes her inspiring personal journey of overcoming the challenges associated with an autoimmune disease.