Lupus Foundation of America Calls on Supporters For Walk to End Lupus Now Event

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The non-profit organization Lupus Foundation of America continues the fight against lupus by supporting research projects seeking to discover and develop an effective treatment or a cure for the chronic disease. To do so, the foundation trusts in the contribution of numerous volunteers and donators and is now sharing the stories and experiences of some of these contributors in their online blog.

Among the several resources available to support the Lupus Foundation of America, including online donations, is the Walk to End Lupus Now, a series of events that take place throughout the country to raise funding for research, improve awareness and gather public assistance for families affected by the disease. The National Walk Manager, Sara Bentley, has used her experience in organizing the events to appraise the volunteers and participants that allow the initiative to happen.

In the article “Why We Walk,” published on the Lupus Foundation of America’s Blog, Bentley introduced the story of Crystal Torres, a top walker and team captain at the Tampa Walk to End Lupus Now. Torres was diagnosed with the disease 10 years ago, started participating in the walk since its beginning five years ago and has become an advocate for the fight against lupus, to support others who suffer with the burden of the same disease.

“I will always keep fighting,” said Crystal. “I am a lupus warrior and will not allow this to control my life. I have an amazing husband and little boy who keep me going in life.” She walks in the hopes to accelerate the efforts to find a cure for lupus, an autoimmune disease diagnosed in approximately 1.5 million people in the United States alone.

“I have the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people who are affected by this cruel and mysterious disease. Everyone’s story is different, but they are all working toward a common goal: to raise funding and awareness for lupus research and education. Crystal Torres is just one of them,” wrote Sara Bentley, as she invited everyone to join the cause and help by participating in the Walk to End Lupus Now.

There are numerous walks taking place across the U.S. and anyone can search for the closest one at the website of the event here. The proceeds from the Walk to End Lupus Now are used by the Lupus Foundation of America to achieve the goals of decreasing diagnosis time, securing a series of safe and effective therapy options and expanding both direct services and access to treatment and care.