LIFT Study Seeks to Create At-home Blood Test for Monitoring Lupus

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by Ines Martins, PhD |

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DxTerity Diagnostics researchers are seeking ways to develop an at-home blood test to monitor individual disease activity in lupus patients.

The observational research project, LIFT (Lupus Interval Monitoring to Manage Disease Flare and Enable Treatment Optimization, uses health information and a few drops of blood collected at home to monitor treatment effectiveness and painful flares.

There are no affordable or easy-to-use tools to manage lupus on a regular basis. So, these researchers are inviting lupus patients to join the LIFT study to help them better understand the disease’s complexities. By learning about patients’ unique experiences, researchers can better interpret how lupus affects them, making it easier to develop personalized tools to help manage this condition.

To sign up, participants need to read and complete the LIFT study’s consent form (emailed when you click “join now” on the company’s website), complete a fingerstick kit at home and mail it to DxTerity, and then share your experience with researchers in an online survey.

All eligible candidates will complete a fingerstick kit and questionnaire three times over a one-month period to establish their lupus disease activity, and must agree to let LIFT researchers review their medical records. The self-reported information and medical records will be cross-referenced to understand the blood samples by making connections between each participant’s blood chemistry and medical history.

Because LIFT is an observational study, no drugs or devices will be tested, and no medical treatment will be provided. Observational studies collect information and samples from participants to support the understanding of medical conditions and development of new products.

Since no other drugs or treatments will be tested, participants will not have to change anything about their daily routine to participate. LIFT is designed to collect real world information and samples from participants.

DxTerity is a genomics company developing at-home disease monitoring tools based on personal genomics and health information. Genomics includes the study of how genes interact with each other and with the environment.

DxTerity is offering a $75 stipend to participants who complete all three kits and required questionnaires. There is no compensation for partially completed study activities. Enrollees also can choose to donate $75 to a lupus charity.

Additional information is available in this frequently asked questions (FAQ) webpage.