Five Ways to Simplify Life With Lupus

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by Ines Martins, PhD |

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My Mountain, My Lupus column
We live in an age where simpler has become better, yet again. A quick Google search will pull up hundreds of articles on how to simplify life, from having children to raising your aging parents. I have yet to come across one that helps those os us with chronic illness or lupus.

As such, here are five ways that have helped me simplify my life with lupus.

1. Rearrange cabinetries and items you use regularly

Place items you use frequently in an easier space to reach. Put things you don’t use often up high or low, depending on what is more accessible to you. I am short, so bending down to reach stuff on the lower cabinets is easier than climbing up a step stool to get a coffee mug that I use every day. Do this all over the house — closets, bathrooms, kitchens, even the car.

2. Making sure your plants are watered

Fill a two-liter plastic bottle with water and secure the lid tightly. Hammer a nail hole or two in the lid so the water can dribble out, then flip it upside down into the potting soil of your plant, making sure it doesn’t tip over. If you’re feeling crafty you can decorate the bottle however you wish. Or, go all out and buy the specialty glass globes that are made just for this purpose.

The other lifesaver for me has been having a dog food feeder and water dispenser. There are days when I can’t get out of bed, and knowing the dogs have food and water is one less thing I have to stress about when I am already stressed.

3. Post-it notes

I use sticky notes as visual reminders for everything. When I am feeling good, I try to pre-write my bills, and use sticky notes as reminders for when they need to be mailed out. We also have a paper calendar that I put sticky notes on so I don’t forget things.

4. Smart phone apps

I use an Apple account, with the kids attached, and it allows me to use Find My Mac app. This allows me to find them anywhere, at any time their phone is on, but also so I can find my own darn phone when brain fog kicks in, and it’s in my back pocket. As a family, we can share contact lists, and things go seamlessly to all of our calendars.

There also are multiple apps to help with grocery lists, sleeping better and creating an exercise routine.

5. Meal prep

This is not just a great way to get yourself and your family to eat healthier. Meal prepping helps to simplify life by making it super easy for someone else to take help, or even take over if you’re not feeling well. There are days when I can’t even get out of bed. But I meal prep on the days that I can, and then put the time and temp needed to cook it on a note. This way even my boys can make dinner that comes out amazing.

While technology has made our lives easier in many ways, there seem to be too many options about how to simplify life. That in itself can be overwhelming. Yes, a simpler life is always better.

I hope some of these have helped you, as I know they have helped me. So, next time you’re feeling well enough to clear through some things, or better yet, a family member or friend comes by and asks how they can help, you now have an arsenal of ideas for what can be done.


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