The Girl Who Cried Wolf - A Column by Kristi Page

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“Kristi” is a surfer, barista, and university student studying for arts and science degrees in philosophy and mathematical modeling. Living on the picturesque Bellarine Peninsula on the southeast coast of Australia, she’s deeply passionate about salt water and amazing coffee — even though she’s not allowed to drink it. Above all else, she loves traveling the world! Diagnosed with stage IV lupus nephritis at 20, she’s determined to not be defined by her autoimmune condition. Using writing as a medium for self-expression, she hopes to share her life and journey to both raise awareness and support others in similar situations. A big believer in the concept of dialectics, she loves sharing and hearing unorthodox, sometimes controversial, views. She’s quirky by choice, inquisitive by nature, and smiling always!

Ending an Era: Saying Goodbye to ‘The Girl Who Cried Wolf’

I’ve been procrastinating writing this column for a couple of days now. Partly because my heart doesn’t want to, and partly because I don’t know how to begin to say goodbye. As I pen my final farewell, I’m feeling emotional. But given how many nights I’ve spent teary-eyed, pouring…

The Difficulty of Explaining Lupus Fatigue to Others

Learning to live with lupus fatigue for nearly five years has been one of my greatest challenges, both physically and mentally. Initially, it was like someone flipped a switch in the middle of the night. I woke up the next day and realized sleep hadn’t rejuvenated me or…

Lupus Makes Me Crave Control

A month ago, I quit my job as a barista in search of something different. I applied for nearly everything with only one qualifier: I didn’t want another job in the hospitality industry. I’m a big believer that you will never have to fight for what is “right” for you.