1. Larry Davis says:

    My name is Larry Davis. I was diagnosed with SLE with kidney nephritis Aug 1999. I was in the USAF back in 1987. I went into the base health clinic with blood pressure of 165/98. I had lesions on my throat. The sent me home with novocaine for my throat and said it was a virus. The lesions didn’t go away till I broke them while applying the novocaine. I have been trying to prove I got sick while serving or that something I was exposed to while in the service caused the lupus. I can’t afford the VA medical payments and if I can prove it happen while serving it will help my medical bill tremendously.
    I was a machinist. I made wing bushing out of beryllium copper for the T-38A. I also ran a cylindrical grinder to grind the tumban blades for the jet engine.
    If you or anyone has any information on causes or possible causes of autoimmune diseases I would appreciate any help I can get.
    Thank you, Larry Davis

    • gina says:

      There are no known environmental causes of SLE that I’m aware of. A recent infection such as mono or strep is a common occurrence before onset of initial symtoms. The body gets riled up and doesn’t calm down afterwards, attacking itself. So you may have started off with a virus that then progressed to lupus. You are one of us with an unusually vigilant immune system, for better or worse. It’s a mixed blessing to be sure.

      If you can’t afford the VA payments, you might look into your state’s health plans. With lupus it really isn’t an option not to have health insurance.

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