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  1. Larry Davis says:

    My name is Larry Davis. I was diagnosed with SLE with kidney nephritis Aug 1999. I was in the USAF back in 1987. I went into the base health clinic with blood pressure of 165/98. I had lesions on my throat. The sent me home with novocaine for my throat and said it was a virus. The lesions didn’t go away till I broke them while applying the novocaine. I have been trying to prove I got sick while serving or that something I was exposed to while in the service caused the lupus. I can’t afford the VA medical payments and if I can prove it happen while serving it will help my medical bill tremendously.
    I was a machinist. I made wing bushing out of beryllium copper for the T-38A. I also ran a cylindrical grinder to grind the tumban blades for the jet engine.
    If you or anyone has any information on causes or possible causes of autoimmune diseases I would appreciate any help I can get.
    Thank you, Larry Davis

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