12 Ways To Raise Awareness for Lupus


May is Lupus Awareness Month, which means people living with the condition and non-profit organizations will be working hard to raise the profile of the disease.

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Lupus Awareness Day falls on May 10. This is a day when organizations reach out to governments around the world, asking them to increase funding for research and to provide better support and services for patients.

There are many ways you can help raise awareness of lupus, both in your own social circle and beyond. Here are a few suggestions from healthunlocked.com and the Lupus Foundation of America:

  • Share information about lupus on social media platforms.
  • Ask your local radio station to mention that it’s Lupus Awareness Month.
  • Print out posters about Lupus Awareness Month to put at your workplace, college, or school.
  • Host a fundraising event for a lupus charity.
  • Take part in an organized event for lupus awareness.
  • Donate money to a lupus organization.
  • Wear purple and then tell people why you’re wearing the color of lupus.
  • Become a source of information about living with the disease to your local newsroom and newspaper.
  • Write to Congress and urge them to increase funding for lupus research and support.
  • Participate in a clinical trial to help further research.
  • Become a lupus activist by communicating with your local politician about lupus.
  • Take part in a Walk to End Lupus Now event.

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  1. Linda says:

    There are plenty of walks, fundraisers, and awareness events out there beyond “Walk to End Lupus Now” which is the branded walk of the Lupus Foundation of America. When asking people to advocate for public policy and funding it is helpful to be more specific as in, “Send a letter or make a call to your congressional representative and your senators asking them to support full funding for the National Institutes of Health budget and the Department of Defense line item for lupus research.” Provide links to help them send those emails or make those calls.

    • Rhonda L Crawford says:

      hello i am trying to get a group up to help in orlando with lupus i am going to start having meetings at the public library just to let people who have lupus that thy are not along do you have any suggestions on how i should get started my email is [email protected]

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