This 31-Year-Old Gets Real About Living With Lupus


In this video from The Wolf and Me, a lupus patient explains what having the condition is really like and how it affects her everyday life.

Lupus patient Monique also shares what her life is like following her lupus diagnosis. 

She lists some of the thing lupus has robbed her of including her figure, her hair, her confidence, her mobility, the ability to exercise, to socialize with friends, and most telling, her personality.

However, as well as noting what she has lost in her life due to lupus, the vlogger also puts a positive spin on things and lists the things she has gained through lupus which includes inner strength, the love and support of family and true friends, empathy for others and the ability to appreciated the small things in life.

She tries to explain what it’s like living in pain for 24 hours a day, how debilitating fatigue can be and how she no longer looks or feels like the person she used to be.

Discover six common symptoms of chronic fatigue here. 

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One comment

  1. Eleanor says:

    Lupus Sucks, I get it. I was diagnosed a year ago. I was extremely fortunate to have found a doctor doing wonderful things for autoimmune patients with functional medicine so I never had to take nor did I ever want to take any of those harsh medicines associated with Lupus. The facility I have been going to for a year now is called Superior Health Solutions of Las Vegas the Dr. is Dr. Rob DeMartino. Check him out on YouTube as well. If you are not in Vegas you may be able to find a Dr. in you area who offers this kind of treatment because Dr. Rob holds seminars regularly to train other Doctors on his technique. I know there is NO cure of Lupus but I have been symptom free for months now thanks to Superior Health Solutions. I would have tried anything so that I didn’t have to subject my body to Chemo. This is why I have been sharing this information with anyone who will listen all over my social media accounts. God Bless and I hope you find some peace soon.

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