An Expert Explains Autoimmune Diseases


Do you know what an auto-immune disease is? Maybe you’ve heard the term but don’t fully understand what it means. This video from Barbara Grubbs describes auto-immune diseases, what they are and how they can affect the body. Auto-immune diseases all have one thing in common: the body’s immune system starts to attack healthy cells.

Watch an introduction of the two types of lupus. 

Barbara, a nurse practitioner, explains that “autoimmune diseases” is an umbrella term for many different conditions which affect the immune system. You’ve probably heard of some of the diseases included under this umbrella, like diabetes, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and lupus, but there are many others that you may have heard of but not realized what they were. She also talks about some of the diseases people think are autoimmune diseases but are actually viruses, such as HIV and Epstein-Barr.

Discover six less-common symptoms of lupus here.

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  1. Renay Spears says:

    I was recently diagnosed with Lupus but it seems to have come during a time of depression, stress etc and I also suffer from allergies, eczema,sinus plus I have a history of sinus infections but I was wondering if you think stress or depression is a contributing factor to Lupus? I also became blind in my right eye and I did see an eye specialist; he took an x-ray and it showed that I was bleeding in my right eye which is when I took a blood test to determine if I had Lupus (which I do) and I am also seeing a neurologist who prescribed treatment (therapy) Medication and all of the doctors communicate with each other regarding my condition which I appreciate. I also appreciate this learning tool from you and I have been told it could be the environment which I totally believe but do you think the allergies, sinus or eczema contribute as well because whenever the allergy season comes around I always feel worse including when there is a change in climate/weather and I seem to feel miserable when it’s hot but I really appreciate this information – Thank You

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