What People Say When You Tell Them You Have Lupus


We are all different. That said, every lupus patient is different mainly because the disease is so complex that it attacks patients in very individual ways.

This is how lupus attacks your immune system.

But most people don’t get that. What tends to come after someone acknowledges that you have lupus, is a comparison to someone they know who “just like you” also suffers with the chronic autoimmune disease.  “I have a friend who has a friend who has a cousin . . .  with lupus,” is one of the most common sentence starters.

In this video shared by Tyanna Semone, listen in on some examples of how people respond to her when they learn that she lives with lupus. Watch the video to find out what annoys Tyanna the most.

Wondering about what you shouldn’t say to people living with a chronic illness? Here are some examples you should know about.

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